PER Fager Håkansson

Soldat i 32 år, Snickare. Blev 50 år.

Född:1690-12-23 Älmeboda, Kronoberg.

Äktenskap med MARTHA Svensdotter


SVEN Pehrsson Sandberg (1726 - 1789)


Peer Fager Hakansson was a soldier in the Kalmar Regiment, Konga company, rote Fagrasjö Nr. 101 Älmeboda, Sweden. He was drafted into service in 1709. He served 32 years, to the age of 51. Likely to have died of illness in the fleet during the war. In 1709 Fager “borrowed 40 daler in good coins but in 1718 paid back lower quality coins. After mediation he returned an additional 15 daler in silver coins on 1 March 1720. Debased coins were devalued on 23 April 1719 to 50% of their supposed value.

During the time Peer served in the army, there was a great war that lasted 20 years called the "Great Northern War" where Sweden battled and lost a lot of it's territory from Russia, England, Denmark, Brandnburg-Prussia, Hanover, Poland-Lithuania, and Denmark-Norway. It is most likely that he fought in the war.

The cottage he lived in during his enlistment (his entire adult life) was destroyed, but an earth cellar still remains.

The remains of the cottage that Peer Fager Hakansson lived in for his adult life. Konga company, Rote Fagrasjö Number 101, Älmeboda, Sweden. Soldier cottage; the base is about 656 feet south of the village and to the left of the road if you come from Fagrasjö. The remaining foundation shows that the cottage was 16 feet tall by 26 feet wide. A Potato cellar and barn have remained south of the construction process. Per Fager Hakansson moved into the cottage during the Fall of 1709. He was the fifth person to live in the cottage following 8 others. A total of 13 men lived in the cottage. It remained standing until around 1960.



1690 Födelse 1690-12-23 Älmeboda, Kronoberg
1723 Vigsel MARTHA Svensdotter 1723
1726 35 år Sonen SVEN Pehrsson Sandberg föds 1726-12-07 Älmeboda, Kronoberg
1741 50 år Död 1741-08-17